ColorBar Labels, Software

ColorBar Labels, Software
At this time, Smead has discontinued their ColorBar Label Print Solutions Product Line including the Software and Label Stock.  This is because of the changes in technology and compatibility.  So as of July 1st, 2023 the ColorBar Software Product will no longer be able to provide you the ability to print labels.  The software will cease to work properly.

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On July 1st of 2023 changes will occur to the underlying technology of the ColorBar software platform and at this time the software will cease to function and end users will no longer have the ability to print labels. You will still have the software but these changes will render the software unusable. This is not technology that Smead has any control over.

This will affect both the direct install and web-based versions of the ColorBar software.

Consequently, we will no longer be issuing any additional product key/licenses.