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Are you looking for CUSTOM FILE FOLDERS | DIVIDER SETS – we can help.  We are expert at low cost matching file folders and divider sets that are already working for you or can set them up for the first time.  We provide products that will meet your exact specifications including any customization.  All you will need to do is open the box when delivered.  You’ll save MONEY too.

Whatever your requirements are just ask us.  Call 866-312-5475 so we can kindly work with you.  If you like, email us pictures taken with a device such as a phone of your current folder and/or divider sets to  Then in no time at all we will gladly provide you a friendly priced quote.

Alternatively, our Divider Set Wizard is a great tool for you to create you very own Custom Divider Sets in your on-line account.  It’s easy to use and your sets are maintained on-line so they are just a click away to reorder.

Custom File Products
Pressboard Folder with Kraft Dividers and Poly Pocket Installed
Pressboard Folder with Divider Set and Manila Pocket Installed
Manila Folder with Divider Set and Print
Folder wth Print and Color Coded Strip Label
We expertly build custom divider sets and folders of all types to your exact specifications.

We customize any of our stock folders for you by -

Our made to order custom FILING PRODUCTS help you -

  • Installing File Backs or Index Divider Sets into folders
  • Applying color-coded labels
  • Printing copy on folders
  • Affixing fasteners in any position
  • Shipping orders quickly to your location of choice
  • We are here for you – 866-312-5474 |
  • Save money versus having staff putting folders together
  • Save time and improve productivity with custom folders
  • Streamline filing tasks with folders that match your exact needs
  • Reduce mis-files with custom printing and labeling
  • Improve your Offices overall efficiency
  • We are here for you – 866-312-5475 |

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