Pressboard Types and Colors

Type 1 Pressboard

Type 1 pressboard is the highest quality pressboard.  It is considered high density and has a very smooth feel in addition to being stiffer than Types 2 and 3.  Type 1 is extremely durable.

Type 2 Pressboard

Type 2 pressboard is considered medium density.  It has a smoother finish than Type 3 pressboard, is better quality and a great choice for your key documents.  Type 2 is available in 4 colors.

Type 3 Pressboard

Type 3 pressboard folders are the least expensive of the 3 Types.  It’s considered low density and has a slightly rough finish.  Another advantage of Type 3 pressboard is its availability in 9 colors.

Tyvek Gussets

The Tyvek gusset is the spine of the folder.  It brings together all the parts of the folder and generally provides 2″, 3″ or larger expansion.  Tyvek is material that is virtually indestructible.